Yamaha 9000 Recording Custom

8", 10", 12", 14"

Ludwig 400 Supraphonic 14"x5.5"

Zildjian 'K' Cymbals


There would be lots of photos but the guitarist decided to take photos of his kit instead....


Much better drum shot coming soon....but in the meantime, here's someone else's 400 to ogle at.... 


(Nice Sound, don't you think?)

Amp - _________________ (link to Ashdown's Bass Website)


The bass player favours a Thomann limited edition Ashdown Evo 2 180w amp, with Electric Blue specs and when de-cloaked, the look of a MAG series.  Its ability to be "seen but not seen" is that of legend.  We believe that although it is not mentioned on the specs that it is actually the prototype for the "perception filter" often mentioned on Doctor Who programmes.

The "i-Bass" is a Crafter CX 100 with 24 frets, active double humbucker pickups and a lovely low action.  Particularly nice is the customized battery compartment with the additional pressure sensitive vinyl fabric support system.  


Legal note.  Whilst this particular "i-Bass" does have the "Apple" logo, it does not carry any components or intellectual properties that may be subject to patent (or legal action) by Nokia.



The bassist also tends to carry a nominal (or is that 'phenomenal'?)amount of disco lighting.  He would like to recommend KAM lighting (DMX-enabled LED ranges) to anyone he meets, particularly if they are thinking about Christmas/Birthday/Wedding presents. For him. :)


Just don't mention the new Vigier 'Arpege' (5-String Fretless with naturally dried maple neck, Phenowood fingerboard, Maple/Alder body,Schaller machine heads and custom made Vigier twin coil in-line pickup, that's on order via 'Onest Oscar's Dodgy Deals') - to his Missus.


Guitar(s) - Lots of them! - Make Yourself Comfortable

Laney LC30 valve guitar amplifier  + crummy cheap and cheerful Behringer graphic equaliser

Laney Website

Guild D25 1979 acoustic  with shadow pickup    Martin SP Bronze strings  12

- 54

Fender Stratocaster (Pink and Proud!!)         D'Addario  EXL 110 10-46

Ibanez AF85                                    D'Addario  EXL 115 11-52







Keyboards/Things With Keys That You Press/Old Harmonicas/Washboard/Kazoo 

The NEW amp....available for hire to aurally enhance your Bahmitzvah, Golden Wedding, State Occasion or Royal Wedding.

Read the full tech-spec for this amp - HERE

One of the many objects that Oscar blows.....

....and one of the many things, beautifully fingered by the maestro of music.....

....and finally, a cheap gag about the size of his organ.......


Official Tech-Spec to follow (hopefully)





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