The moment you've all been waiting for......

Roosters Music LIVE!!

Recorded using the Stones' Mobile (well, a nice little recording-gadget-gizmo-thingy) at Leicester Grammar School in March 2010, the numbers below show the incredible versatility of this band.....rock, ballads, complete fluff-ups from the's all there, recorded for posterity and now published on the web so everyone can listen in.

If you'd like your very own copy of the whole album, get in touch. 

 Right-Click on the file below to save to your PC/Mac/Industrial Light & Magic Computer.....

Sit back.....



16 I'm A Believer.m4a 16 I'm A Believer.m4a
Size : 7453 Kb
Type : m4a
10 Liquidator.m4a 10 Liquidator.m4a
Size : 6017 Kb
Type : m4a
01 Let's Spend the Night Together.m4a 01 Let's Spend the Night Together.m4a
Size : 6652 Kb
Type : m4a
02 Valerie.m4a 02 Valerie.m4a
Size : 10773 Kb
Type : m4a
03 Squeezebox.m4a 03 Squeezebox.m4a
Size : 7187 Kb
Type : m4a
11 Miss You.m4a 11 Miss You.m4a
Size : 11002 Kb
Type : m4a
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