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Guitar-Collector Graham

The 'arty' monochrome shot.... 

The rest of the band had to put up with under exposed enprints from Boots, but Mr Pink Guitar gains a foothold in the South Bank Show wannabes.  You can just see Oscar's huge organ behind....

Jools-the Man with the Throbbing G-String

...and the one and only 'i-bass' in existence.  The big-wigs at Apple have all the USA's top lawyers, ex-Guantanamo Bay heavies and several crooked members of the FBI looking for this instrument.  It is the making of legend.  Jools hopes to one day master its ethereal aura and actually be able to play it.  Or at least find the jack socket......

 Man-At-The-Back-Making-All-The-Noise - Mark

Here seen opening his third bottle of Jack Daniels of the evening.  And look....he's got one of those funny little cymbals that Buddy Rich always had......


Mr. Squeezebox - Oscar

Seen here, bashing his antiquated SM 57 in a vain atttempt to make it work.  It has never worked, though endless 'One-Two's' and 'Testing, Testing' during soundchecks have made little in-roads into Oscar's awakening.  He enjoys himself though.  Gets him out of the house.  Bless.....

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